Hdfury Diva

Hdfury Diva power / Status OLED

The Hdfury Diva OLED will turn ON when power supply is applied; Hdfury Diva Logo will be displayed followed by a similar default infopage to the one represented below.

Hdfury Diva OLED

[]: Hdfury Diva IP address will be displayed here if LAN CONTROL RJ45 output is connected to your LAN/WAN router/switcher. mDNS and other way are available if you cycle OLED infopage.

[FW: 0.6]: Firmware Version of Hdfury Diva is reported here.

If any active input is connected, the default OLED infopage will indicate which input is active (IN1 on above pic). Hdfury Diva will process handshake with the active input and once completed the signal information will be displayed. 4K50 4:2:2 BT2020 12b LLDV 594MHz 2.2 on above pic.

If any sink is connected at TX0 output, TX0 section of the default OLED infopage will report its EDID name (LG TV on above pic) and its max supported resolution (4K60 4:4:4 8b BT2020 HDR on above pic) on the first line. Second line will display the current signal going to it, the small arrow on the right indicate if signal is upscaled ↑, Downscaled ↓or passing thru untouched →

[OLED OFF]: Insufficient power, OLED timer expired (default 30s) or OLED OFF. Use the Diva power supply; press any button if OLED timer expired and make sure the OLED is ON.

[OLED ON]: The Hdfury Diva unit is receiving power and is ready to accept an HDMI signal.

Hdfury Oled ip adress

Disclaimer: 3rd party and/or custom firmware providing extra features are not covered in this manual.